• mblaq’s perv members in action

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  • Favorite scenes: B.A.P’s  Warrior

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    I'm Carla but some people call me Nana so call me like you want. 93 liner. Spanish Cassie, B2TY, Shawol, Inspirit, BlackJack, ELF, BBC... Kpop ate my heart. Fashionista. Chicken addicted. Cookie monster. Dance machine. A kid at heart. Hello Kitty. Rilakkuma. Cute things. In love with a lot of bias. Waiting to DBSK to come back as 5 even if it is impossible, Always Keep The Faith. I follow back if we share the same likes^^ Did i mention that i love Infinite?♥
    Visit: Cookie-Bits.Net
    I think I'm ugly
    And nobody wants to love me
    Just like her I wanna be pretty, I wanna be pretty
    Don't lie to my face tellin' me I'm pretty (...)
    Don't lie to my face 'cause i know i'm ugly

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